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Counterflow Tech


The Mosquito Magnet spreads carbon dioxide (CO2) - the natural compound humans exhale - accross insect breeding areas, attracting biting insects to the trap and away from you, your family, friends and customers.


As biting insects close in on the trap, they are irrisitably drawn in by short range attractants (Octenol) that mimic human skin and breath emissions and are then vacuumed into a net via Mosquito Magnets patented CounterFlow Technology where they dehydrate and die.


By capturing the female biting insects the breeding cycle is disrupted, dramatically reducing the population in a given area and eliminating the insect infestation.

No other product offers the same level of protection against biting insects. The Mosquito Magnet was the first attractant vector trap on the market and comes with 15 years of research and development by leading entomologists and product developers.

Our range of Midge Machines

Ex Demo Machines for Sale

Ex Demo Machines for Sale

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Mosquito Magnet Pioneer

Mosquito Magnet Pioneer

Price: £750.00