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Trap Placement

Proper placement of your Mosquito Magnet® is crucial to its success. If placed correctly, midges will be drawn to the Mosquito Magnet® instead of to you. Want to rid your garden of midges? Control methods from Midge Tech can help when you follow our simple keys to success. Start enjoying your garden again!

For best results, use the following guidelines for proper placement.

  1. Determine where mosquitoes are breeding

    The Mosquito Magnet® must be located between the breeding areas (standing water, bushes) and the people areas (patio, deck) in order to capture mosquitoes at their source, before they get to you.

  2. Place the trap away from people areas

    Place the trap as close to the breeding area and as far away from the activity as possible. Typically, 30-40 feet is far enough from human activity.

  3. Place the trap upwind from the breeding area

    Mosquitoes fly upwind looking for a meal. After a female mosquito bites a human, its weight is doubled and the mosquito will float back downwind to the resting area.

  4. Place trap in an open area

    CO2 is heavier than air therefore it stays close to the ground. The mosquitoes will follow the CO2 plume to the trap. If it's placed in high grass, the flow of the plume will be impeded and the mosquitoes won't find it.

  5. Place the trap in the shade

    Mosquitoes don't like the heat of the direct sun. As the sun sets, mosquitoes come out of their resting places.

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